At ValveXchange, we’re focused on helping heart valve patients get back to living.

For  Investors

An investment in ValveXchange is an investment in revolutionary heart health change.

For  Physicians

At ValveXchange, we want to help you achieve success and improve your patients’ quality of life.

For Patients

ValveXchange is working to help improve the quality of life of heart valve patients young and old.

Transforming lives.
One patient at a time.

When I was told I needed a heart valve replacement at the age of 37, I was devastated. My doctor told me I needed a mechanical valve, and face a lifetime of blood thinning drugs and give my active  lifestyle.  What kind of way to live is that?

So did my own research on the web and found ValveXchange.

– a heart valve patient….

The VXi Vitality valve is changing the future of valve surgery.

  • Exchangeable

    A  2-part bovine pericardial heart valve, with best-in-class hemodynamics and durability. Due to the 2-part construction, valve replacements are far less invasive.

  • Less Invasive

    A transapical approach enables replacement of the worn out leaflet set without the need for open heart surgery or cardiopulmonary bypass.

  • Revolutionary Design

    ValveXchange improves upon the proven design of the Edwards Perimount valve. The Vitality’s base is circularly rigid, perfectly symmetrical, and enables a two step implant that gives unprecedented visibility and easy of use for the surgeon.